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    Itinerant Pastellists: Circuits of Movement in Eighteenth-Century Europe

    Jean-Baptiste Perronneau, Portrait du graver Gabriel Huquier, 1747 (Paris, musée du Louvre, February 2012). 
    Jean-Baptiste Perronneau, Portrait du graver Gabriel Huquier, 1747 (Paris, musée du Louvre, February 2012).


    My research considers eighteenth-century pastel painting through the prism of movement. In 1747 La Font de Saint-Yenne wrote that the number of contemporary artists working in pastel was ‘infinite’. Later scholars have located more than 2,500 artists and amateurs at work in mid-eighteenth-century Paris alone, yet many of the most prolific pastellists were marked out by the itinerancy of their practice. Artists such as Jean-Etienne Liotard, Jean-Baptiste Pillement and Jean-Baptiste Perronneau worked across the length and breadth of Europe: at the courts of London, Vienna and Saint Petersburg; in commercial centres such as Amsterdam, Geneva and Lyon. Their paths can be traced through correspondence, autobiography and contemporary accounts, as well as archives, criticism and inventories. Above all, the pastels themselves bear compelling witness to this itinerancy.

    Rather than a monographic or chronological approach, I am conducting a synchronic analysis of this itinerant pastel practice, by the cities and circuits in which these artists worked.  By acknowledging the circumstances and geography of facture, my research examines the effect of those circumstances on facture: what appeal did pastel hold for the patrons of a given city, what did these different geographies offer the pastellist, and how might the pastellist adapt his product to suit the demands of a particular market? My research foregrounds the pastel medium. Broader social, economic and cultural histories are combined with close analysis of the works themselves. Thus a case-study of Liotard and Perronneau in London calls not only on their differing experiences in the city – courtly versus commercial environments, exoticism versus xenophobia – but also on their different material practices. A chapter on Vienna addresses the Empress’s love of pastel through the works she commissioned and the distinct material possibilities pastel had in that city (Pillement’s eighteen blue pastel landscapes, worked in a half-wet, half-dry technique, are probably the most striking example of an application totally different to that found in France). 


    Deutsches Forum für Kunstgeschichte, Paris

    2012-2013, boursière working on the annual theme of "movement"

    Courtauld Institute of Art

    2011-present, PhD candidate, supervised by Dr. Katie Scott

    2009-10, MA in the History of Art (Distinction)

    • Winner of the Courtauld Prize for the best MA dissertation
    • Recipient of the Stanley Picker Trust scholarship

    Emmanuel College, University of Cambridge

    2006-2009, MA Hons English (2.i)

    • Awarded a Senior Exhibition

    “Mapping Movement: La vie errante de Jean-Baptiste Perronneau (1715–1783),” in Mouvement/Bewegung, conference proceedings from the Centre Allemand d’Histoire de l’Art, Paris [expected: autumn 2014]

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  • Lectures and Conferences

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    Co-organized Art and its Afterlives, The Fourth Annual Early Modern Symposium, Courtauld Institute of Art, London, November 2012.

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    Teaching Assistant, Foundations Block 7, European Art and Society 1700–1830 (February-March 2014). 

    Research Associate, The Courtauld Gallery, working on André Derain's Le Parc de Carrières-Saint-Denis (January-June 2012). 

    Early Modern Section Assistant (January-June 2012).